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Something to lighten the day. :) Spppppaaaaccceeee Piiigggg. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fractured Thoughts Vol 1 is a upcoming comic book I am working on. I have set up a crowd funding page for it over at Fantastic Fox. http://fantasticfox.org/browseproject/170 The project will run for 60 days with a targeted $1000 SGD funding goal.

Fractured Thoughts is a collection of five short stories by me and they are:

1) Detective D
2) A.S.T 08 ( Assault Strike Team 08) 
3) Gentleman of the forest 
4) Fellowship of the Golden Cockroach 
5) 风火雷电.降魔篇


1) Detective D - A cyborg detective on a case to track down a murder.
2) A.S.T 08  - The police come across a group of robbers who seem to be augmented human. In the effort to bring them down, they send in Assault Strike Team 08. A special unit set up to deal with augmented human.
3) Gentleman of the forest - Set in the Victoria era with magic being widely use. A kid came to be blessed with a special power.
4) Fellowship of the Golden Cockroach - Roa. The heir of the golden cockroach set off on a journey to prove his worth for the throne.
5) 风火雷电.降魔篇 - Set in Ancient Cyber China, warriors and fighters took up a new role to protect the villages from demons.

All the pages have been block out and we are looking at 140 pagess ++. About 30% of the comic is done.

Some preview pages that I am working on:

For more detail do drop by Fantastic Fox to check it out! :)