Friday, August 8, 2008

4 Days Hunt at SDCC

San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) is a freaking awesome but overwhelming event. At least for first timer like me. But before i start off anything.

Manage to finally meet Jon Foster in person !!! and pass him a booklet of personal work i brought along with me to give out during the con. Hmhmhmh, Mumble* Never knew i'm so fat until i took this photo. Ha. Oh Well. Back to SDCC.

The excitment started even way before we set our foot on San Diego. Shakey camera. Lousy pose. Blurry photo. Haa. You name it.~ every sign of a lousy excited otaku waiting for the once in a life time experience to see the Gods in our industry. Haa.

After a butt burning experience of 20 hours plus of travel, we finally reach San Diego in the afternoon, a day eariler before the event start. We travel somewhere further into San Diego to visit a small exhibition of Jim Lee and Friends' work, and it was wonderful.

My intention of attending the Con was actually to hunt for more jobs opportunity which i guess didn't turn out so well. Never knew that talking to people could have been so hard. I tried going for portfolio reviews aiming for Wizard of the Coast and Hasbro but sad to say, Wizard of the Coast kind of kindly rejected me and there's no news from Hasbro yet. I tried DC and there is no respond and.~ thing may seem pretty sad and depressing from here but.. i got alot out from the whole event. Things to improve on and how some of the stuff works in the industry. Some pointers here and there. But to top everything else, being able to talk to wonderful and industry recongnise power house artists.

The event really open up alot of my thoughts and it's very enlightening. There is a sudden realisation that famous artists are also trying their best to keep themselve afloat like human. They are passional people like us (Beside the god-ly power that they are blessed with, to paint and draw. ), doing work and being there at the right time doing the right thing. Got to keep knocking, until the door open. Haa.~ That's what i got from Foster when i wrote to him for advise quite some time ago. It's a wonderful experience and i do encourage people to save up and go. It's worth the experience. Some highlights and my faverite costume during the event.

Ironman with a beer belly. Cool.~! Haa.~ :)

Interesting Sideshow Collectibles

Toys and model on display at the Square Enqix booth

SIC Mask Rider Collection

And last of all.~! Signature from some of de men from the Con.

Definitely looking forward to next years SDCC. :)


Anonymous said...

Jon Foster !!! Power !!!

By the way where is my Mike Mignola autograph huh ? look a bit like the IronMan with fat dummy... :p

Don Low said...

Thats great... I only got to read this page until now... nice seeing your work featured on Liquid! Keep it up and never give up! You are doing very well... I like what you wrote... many great artists are also trying to keep themselves afloat... yes... being an artist is hard work!