Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Company: Light and Shadow
Character Design, Art directed by: Hock
Location Design, Art directed by: Teng Yeow

My involvment is mainly to design the character, Money mouse and the location. We went through a few versions before we ended up with the final version you are looking at here. The last mouse design/ painting is one of the rejected piece. Same goes to the second design for the location.


Jt said...

these are nice, ray. and i actually prefer the rejected mouse. cos the brown mouse looks too "rat-like" with the colors to me and lacks the appeal of the rejected one. It's for an animation, right. hope can see it soon

orange3D said...

sweet! i liked the character a lot when i saw the ad on tv

The live action bits are not as nicely shot though, but overall it's a really nice bit of character animation in TVC.

Don Low said...

Yes agree with james! I like the last 2 better!! great rendering!!! Inspiring and promising!!