Friday, August 5, 2011

STGCC 2011

Hi All. I will be having a booth at STGCC this year. G24. The event will start from 20 to 21 August at Suntec Singapore. Do feel free to drop by. I'll be launching my newly printed book, RayToh's IdeaBook 2011. It's a collection of 200 pages worth of sketches that i have done over the years in the hope to explore and experiment with ideas. For all those that can't attend the event and may be interested in getting the book. I'll be setting up a paypal system after this. I'm still figuring out a way so everyone can have a preview of the Ideabook. Beside the ideabook, I'll be selling Ray Toh: Voyage as well as Prints. Hopefully everything will turns out well. See you guys there.

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